Clothed female, naked male: Chatting Up The Dancer


Dave wanders into the bar and is transfixed with the beauty of the pole dancer, Jess. He stares at her dancing for a while and then when she finishes he follows her back stage and starts chatting her up. Unfortunately she doesn’t fall under his charm and he has to tell her how large he is downstairs to get her to even notice he is there. Jess is suddenly interested and says if he gets his cock out right there and then and it really is that big then she will give him her number. He reluctantly agrees, but unfortunately for him when he drops his trousers all he gets is laughter - his cock is tiny! Jess even calls in her friend, Yazmin, who was working behind the bar and after getting over the initial shock she too is amazed at how small it is. The two girls study it closely and then start fondling it trying to get it bigger. Dave gets an erection but the girls still aren’t impressed. That all changes when Dave loses control and cums in front of them hitting the wall nearly 6 feet away!

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Prison matron and inspector examines naked jail prisoner


Inspector is furious with she spanks him and then women use their hands to torment his penis…

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Real men getting spanked


She starts with her finger in his ass but she thinks he needs more; she bends him over and gives him a taste of his own medicine a nice hard ass fucking, yup finally a site that features real femdom style humiliation men getting spanked and ass fucked, watch some real humiliating prison strip searches…

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The Garage Sale


Wendy is sorting through her boyfriend’s old clothes to see what can be sold in their garage sale. She comes across an old style bathing costume which she makes him try on for a laugh. Just as he puts it on, in walks Roxy and Emma who can’t believe how silly he looks. Their attention is soon diverted to his groin where the material doesn’t hide his bulge and when Wendy isn’t looking they grope his cock. When Wendy turns round and sees him with a hard-on she is annoyed as they won’t be able to try anything else on with him like that. She makes him strip and soon all three girls are taking turns to stroke his cock in an effort to make him cum so his erection will go down. He holds out for as long as he can but eventually lets fly with a big orgasm that covers Wendy’s hands.

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PureCFNM: The HitchHiker

As they are driving along Emma and Jane spot a guy hitch-hiking. They pick him up and when he falls asleep they drive him into the middle of nowhere and force him out of the car before insisting he strips naked for their viewing pleasure. He refuses but they say unless he does it they will leave him there!

Reluctantly he starts to strip off and the girls gasp in excitement as they see his cock. It is a good size and they start groping him. All this attention soon has the hitchhiker’s cock standing on end and the girls lie him down so they can have a good play with his cock and balls. Eventually they make him stand up again because they want to see his legs buckle as they jerk him to orgasm. And its an orgasm which impresses the girls - enough for them to decide to actually give him a lift to where he wanted to go!

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PureCFNM: Wrong Showers


The girls are making their way into the shower area when to their shock they find a man in their changing room! They watch him for a bit and then sneak over and steal his towel. When he finishes his shower and discovers his towel gone they jump out at him and he quickly covers himself up very embarrassed. He pleads and then tries to wrestle his towel back from them so he can leave but they won’t give it back to him and want to see him clean his “equipment” a bit better. He reluctantly agrees in order to get his towel back but soon the girls take over and take it in turns to grope and stroke his cock. With the 4 of them taking it in turns his legs begin to buckle and they help him to the ground before jerking him to an orgasm all over his nicely washed chest!

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PureCFNM: Anne Summers Party


Four girls are having an Anne Summers party and checking out all the new lingerie and dildos on offer. When Chris the lodger returns home unexpectedly they decide he should model some of the mens range for them. He is reluctant but they are soon laughing their head off as he is forced to strut around in front of them in the skimpy underwear. The girls grab and pull at the thongs to see what the material is like but before long they seem more interested in what is IN the thongs! Sammy hands Chris a skimpy white thong with velcro attachments at the front. As he parades in front of them they rip the thong off and laugh as his cock is exposed! Chris’s embarrassment soons turns to arousal as the girls start grabbing and fondling his cock. When they sit him on the sofa and crowd round him and take it in turns to stroke his cock it’s not long before he cums all over his stomach which is greeted by a huge cheer by the girls.

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What’s It Like? Three clothed women + one naked male


Three girls are chatting about what it’s like to have a penis. They wonder whether it flops about when you walk and what it’s really like to have a wank.

Just then the caretaker comes in to clean the room and the girls hatch a plan and insist he strips for them or the girl’s father will have him fired! He refuses but the girls rip his clothes off saying they are going to hijack his penis. Once stripped, they take it in turns to stand behind him and wank him off as if it’s their own cock, then they get him to sit on top of them so they can reach around and grope him. Then finally they lie him on the floor and sit on him so it looks as if the cock is coming from between their own legs! They take it in turns to wank him until he cums and then tell him to clean up the mess!

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Non-Nude Babe Mackenzie


Sexy girl: Mackenzie wearing a sexy miniskirt and long black boots and dark pantyhose…

PureCFNM: Helping Sister’s Friend

Ashleigh’s friend Emma is upset because she thinks she is ugly and none of the boys fancy her. Ashleigh’s mum, Wendy, decides to do something to boost Emma’s ego. She calls in her son Nick and tells him to strip! Nick is shocked and refuses but Wendy is insistent and soon Emma’s tears melt away as Nick starts undressing right in front of her. He is reluctant to undress totally but Wendy quickly whips off his underwear giving Emma and a very embarrassed Ashleigh full view of his cock. Wendy then proceeds to give Emma instructions on how to play with it and even gets Ashleigh to demonstrate her own technique on her brother! With the three of them taking turns to play with his hard-on, its not long before the embarrassed Nick cums all over the table prompting cries of “well done!” from his mum!

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