All Men Are The Same?


As they are driving along Emma says that all men are the same and can’t wait to get their cocks out. Jane disagrees but Emma says she can prove it and will ask the next guy they see to get his cock out. Round the next bend she spots a guy and pulls over. After making small talk she just comes out with it and asks if she can see his cock! He doesn’t know what to say but Emma persuades him and they drive to an old bus shelter. Emma tells him to pull his trousers down so they can see his cock. The girls kneel down to have a closer look at his exposed penis and then start fondling his dick to see how big it gets and take it in turns to wank him. Eventually they ask him to take over and show them how much he can cum and it’s not long before he does - everywhere!

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Blowing Her Boyfriend


Gemma runs into her friend Jess in the bar and introduces her to new boyfriend Matt. As they get chatting Jess is fascinated when Gemma tells her what a big cock he has. Matt is embarrassed by the conversation but then Gemma asks if Jess would like to see it! Before he can stop her she has undone his trousers and is showing his cock off to Jess and the barmaid! Gemma makes him sit on the bar and the girls take turns stroking his cock before Gemma says how much he enjoys having his cock sucked and wastes no time in showing the other girls her technique. All the attention is too much for Matt who cums all over his stomach prompting Jess and the barmaid to tell Gemma that they can see exactly why she is dating him!

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Nudist Friend From Myspace


This CFNM experience is how I met my fiancé. His name is Tommy and we’ve been together 12 months. I had met him on the Internet and after talking for some time I decided to meet him. I asked my girlfriend over because I didn’t like the idea of meeting a guy from the Internet on my own. We were sat on the couch talking about him and I was expecting him any minute. Before he got there I had decided to quickly show my friend his pictures. She thought he was cute. A few minutes later there was a knock on the door. I opened the door and it was him. My heart skipped a beat and I’m sure I felt butterflies! I was so pleased to see him I didn’t even bother looking at anything but his face, so when I did, I was shocked!!! He had arrived COMPLETELY naked and I was so confused. I asked him why he was naked and he said, “I told you online I’m a nudist, remember?” He explained that he wanted me to see him as the real him, he said he didn’t want any pretense between us and although it was awkward with my friend there and all, I actually thought it was kinda sweet. He asked if he could come in and I reluctantly agreed (he was naked after all). After he came in we sat down on the couch and talked for a while, we talked about him being a nudist and I introduced him to my friend, and after a while we all kind of relaxed.

Now Tommy and I were very close, and my girlfriend and I decided to play a little prank on him. We went and got him a drink and put a sleeping pill in it. He passed out shortly after and we began to play with his cock, jerking off his cock while his unconscious body lay there still. It didn’t take long for him to cum, and no surprises, it woke him up. I told him that we had had sex, and that it was amazing. He said he didn’t remember a thing but wished he could.

12 months later, we are engaged. After things got serious with us I confessed about what we did, and it has now become one of our hottest roleplay fantasies that we enjoy in the bedroom. The only difference is I do more than jerk his cock off when he’s lying there pretending to be unconscious…

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Late For Class: Matt walks into the classroom late and without his school uniform


Miss Charlie is furious with him and makes him drop his trousers so she can put him across her knee in full view of the three girls in the class! She spanks him and then as it is a human biology class she leads him by his penis from desk to desk so the girls can have a close up look at his cock and balls! With precum oozing out of his cock, the girls use their rulers to measure his penis and then ask the teacher what happens when he gets aroused. Its not long before the teacher has Matt back up the front and gets the girls to surround him and start giving him a handjob. Just then the headmasters secretary walks in and is shocked at what she sees - but far from put a stop to it she grabs hold of Matt’s cock herself and starts stroking him. With five women now stroking his cock its not long before Matt shoots his spunk into the air - some of which hits the headmasters secretary’s posh jacket!

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Frank visited his doctor for his yearly examination


His main doctor was away on vacation so instead he to be examined by a very beautiful blonde doctor. He was very embarrassed that he had to stand in front of her naked while she examined him. She checked his entire body thorouhgly, including his cock, and even gave him a deep anal checkup! This was the most humiliating experience of his life!

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Bodybuilders have small willys? Is it true about bodybuilders?


Daniel is in the warm up room getting ready for the bodybuilding contest when Jess comes in to take his muscle measurements and oil him up. As she works she can’t take her eyes off his tiny posing pouch and wonders if it is true that bodybuilders have small willys. Without asking, she quickly pulls his thong down so she can see for herself. He is annoyed but she tells him that another bodybuilding folklore is that if he ejaculates before going on stage his body will look more defined. He isn’t convinced but when she starts stroking his cock and then puts it in her mouth and gives him a blowjob, he doesn’t complain. Just then, competition organiser Pascha walks in. She is shocked but likes what she sees and decides to have a play as well. With both the girls stroking his cock its not long before Daniel cums!

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It was my first day at my new college, I was starting an evening class for history 101 during week days


As it was my first day I was early and had been expecting to spend some time wandering around college until I found my classroom. A few minutes later my mind was already wandering, but it stopped abruptly when two very attractive girls entered the room.”Come here”, the taller girl said. I stood up out of my seat, looking over at her nervously but not moving any closer…

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Guy was arrested and brought down to the local prison for booking


She stripped off his clothing, bent him over the desk and proceeded to give him a very painful and rough anal cavity search! He was being very rude to the officer so she decided to teach him a lesson…

CFNM humiliation: Michael at local prison, GuysGetFucked

The Naughty Headmaster: Three girls have been hauled in front of the headmaster for bad behaviour


But as he starts telling them off, little did they know it would be the headmaster who would be badly behaved. As he lines them up across his desk and one by one lifts their skirts and starts spanking them, he takes the opportunity to have a grope of their firm young asses. Its not long before the girls realise what’s going on and rebel. They gang up on him and tell him they are going to the School Governor’s to get him fired for sexual harassment. At first he tries telling them off but soon resorts to pleading so they allow him to humiliate himself in front of them to make amends. They force him to strip naked and then they take it in turns to turn the tables and grope him - whether he likes it or not. As they lie him on his own desk they continue to play with his cock and it is clear he does like it as he has a very noisy orgasm - which amuses the girls no end!

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Michael had one class left at college before he graduated so being the pervert…


…that he was, he decided to sign up to Women’s Sexual Study. He thought it would be an easy way to see some naked college girls. The teacher told Michael that in order to pass class everyone had to take an insertion! Michael was forced to strip off his clothing and to his embarrasment was bent over the teacher’s desk and given an anal insertion in front of the entire class!

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