• CFNM Handjob: Guys Robbed by Strippers


    Settling down for a lads night in, these 3 unlucky guys think they are in for the time of their lives when they hire two sexy strippers. Sadly for them the two strippers have other things in mind and halfway through their show they pull out guns and force the guys to hand over first their wallets then their clothes!
    As an insurance policy to make sure the guys don’t go running to the police when they leave, the girls force the guys to masturbate in front of them while they video the whole thing…
    The girls even take turns pretending to suck them off - threatening to post the pictures on the internet and send them to the guys’ wives if they go to the police.
    CFNM female dominance: One by one the guys are forced to cum in front of the girls before they leave with their spoils…

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