Cock Measuring

Erect Cock Measuring

Foursome CFNM fetish: Guy lets out a loud scream after he re-injured an old football injury. Girl Melanie is a massage healer so she begins working on his upper thigh saying he should take off his wet trunks. Soon Melanie tells Ralph to take off all his clothes too. Cock measuring it’s joyful pastime of two girls and making the most of this sexy unique situation!

Gym Trainer Pisses on Two Clothed Chick


Fully Clothed Pissing: Alexa Bold and Leony Aprill in amazing gym picture filled with babes clothed in silk and satin! These young women work really fucking hard to keep their tight bodies. They like when boys appreciate it! Two girls break trainer’s exercise session so that he can have sex. They alternate sharing his hard cock and he cums. Then they all piss on each other…

Non-Nude Group Sex: Drunk And Fucked Brides At Wedding Reception


Fully clothed wedding group sex: Kinky night club wedding reception party with bands of brides in white silk equips give oral sex to the grooms or each other at drunk sex party…

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Hot babes in expensive bridal gowns get drunk and spread their sexy legs…

Fully Clothed Lady Fucks


Fully-clothed couple sex: Horny lady flirts with dude during lunch, so he runs to the bathroom to cool off and lose his embarrassing boner, but the babe follows him and seduces him into hot fully clothed sex…

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CFNM Handjob: Guys Robbed by Strippers


Settling down for a lads night in, these 3 unlucky guys think they are in for the time of their lives when they hire two sexy strippers. Sadly for them the two strippers have other things in mind and halfway through their show they pull out guns and force the guys to hand over first their wallets then their clothes!
As an insurance policy to make sure the guys don’t go running to the police when they leave, the girls force the guys to masturbate in front of them while they video the whole thing…
The girls even take turns pretending to suck them off - threatening to post the pictures on the internet and send them to the guys’ wives if they go to the police.
CFNM female dominance: One by one the guys are forced to cum in front of the girls before they leave with their spoils…

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CFNM: The Male Is Subjected To A Humiliating Strip Search


Branding him a pervert, The Male Is Subjected To A Humiliating Strip search. Naked, they make the man wear the stolen bra to shame him for what he did. A female friend of the woman comes by and joins the action. Naked and stripped of his sexual modesty, the three females enjoy making him pay for his crime, including having him jack off while they watch. The young man learns a valuable life lesson, that crime doesn’t pay. Or does it, in this case?

Clothed girls, naked guy outsidePervert strip off in the backyard by his female employer…

Naked Prisoners and Clothed Reporter


Clothed female, naked male hand job fetishOne Afro-American and other white naked prisoner observed by four clothed reporter-girls…

CFNM: Girl Shows Boyfriend’s Penis Right In Front Of Her Mother!


Ashleigh’s mother is horrified when she hears what her daughter did to the visiting French boy. Although Ashleigh is out, she has told her sister Laura everything about the size of Julien’s cock and while explaining it to her mother she has to see it for herself and pulls his trousers and pants down right in front of her mother!
Clothed female naked male handjob: Laura’s mother enjoys groping and fondling the young man’s cock and balls and with their encouragement it isn’t long before he cums all over the floor in front of them…

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Fully Clothed Smoking Brunette


Non nude smoking fetish: I’m adding to the beautiful fall colors with a sexy red top, blood red lips and the natural beauty of the drifting smoke of a Misty 120. I love being outside and watching my huge exhales backlit by natural daylight…

CFNM: How Women Can Control Men Through Their Penises


Samantha Richards has been asked onto Jenny’s Talk Show to be interviewed about her new book “Cock on a leash”. The book is all about how women can control men through their penises. Jenny can’t believe it is happening on live TV but Samantha brings on a male model to demonstrate. The model removes his robe and then allows Samantha to fondle his cock and balls while she explains the theories from her book. All this attention, coupled with Jenny’s research assistant Bexy watching him from the side, makes the male model get an erection. Samantha asks him to demonstrate how he masturbates and as the girls watch it’s not long before he cums all over the floor in front of a very shocked Jenny and proud Samantha…

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