Holly. Her first anal sex


We cast our butt bait, leaned back with our rods and waited for a bite. And we reeled in a whopper! Holly’s visiting from Europe and she’s never done anal. Just wait ’til we’ve got her splayed and filleted! Come smell the catch of the day as we harvest the depths of her anal reef!

The Private’s Anal


Anal… That tight secret warm passage!

Captain Stabbin


Carmen & Hailey.

Josh told one of his lady friends that he was going out on an adventure she could not miss out. She said cool, can I bring a friend. Well of course you can!!! We all met up and made sure they brought their birthday suits. We got out on the boat and just let it all happen because the girls like to get loose out on the boats. These girls got looser by the second and before long a feeding frenzy insued. The oil came out then the clothes started to come off. We had a great anal time. They loved the Stabbin Dogs and the special sauce!

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